Annual Conference Promotes Best Practice Amongst Lung Cancer Nurses


The Law Of... caring for lung cancer sufferers

Four of Simpson Millar's Asbestos team attended the 2016 Annual Conference of the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN), which brought to together a range of lung cancer specialists.

NLCFN Conference Offers Networking Opportunity for Specialists

Discussing the conference, Phillip Gower – Partner in Industrial Disease and the first lawyer in Wales to earn an accreditation from APIL as an Asbestos Specialist – commends the work of lung cancer nurses across the country.

Specialist Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer Solicitors

The conference, which was held at St. John's Hotel in Solihull in November, was attended by members of the NLCFN, with educational sessions helping specialist lung cancer nurses to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues.

Lectures and sessions offered members of the NLCFN the opportunity to share the work that they do to support and treat patients diagnosed with lung cancer.

Four of the specialist mesothelioma and lung cancer solicitors from our Industrial Disease team took the opportunity to attend the conference.

Our Industrial Disease team help many lung cancer patients who have developed the condition after exposure to asbestos, so having the opportunity to attend educational sessions that included improving the outcomes for lung cancer patients and listening to debates about whether surgery or SBRT is the best course of action helped them to understand the work undertaken by healthcare professionals.

Simpson Millar was represented at the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses annual conference by specialist asbestos illness solicitors; Phillip Gower, Helen Grady, Rebecca Ryan, and Anthony Waddington.

Vital Work Of Lung Cancer Nurses

The National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses was established in 1999 to offer networking opportunities to nurses who spend the majority of their working week or clinical activities caring for patients with lung cancer.

NLCFN activities generally fall into four categories, which are as follows:

  • Clinical – Designed to share best practices and improve the level of care received by lung cancer patients
  • Developmental – Highlighting, discussing, and encouraging lung cancer developments in the UK, so that lung cancer nurses are always aware of the latest standards in the country
  • Education – Providing an open forum for experts to share their knowledge, this is inspired by members sharing their personal experience so that there can be an open discussion about best practices amongst lung cancer patients
  • Professional – Providing a networking infrastructure to lung cancer nurses, so that they can share opportunities. This strand of the NLCFN's work provides a unified voice that highlights to the public the work completed by lung cancer nurses

Commenting on the conference, Phillip said:

"It was a fantastic opportunity to attend the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses' annual conference, which was hugely beneficial and allowed us to meet the nurses and other professionals who are working hard every day to support lung cancer patients."

"Our work involves working very closely with our lung cancer clients and to have a broad understanding of what our clients are going through in terms of prognosis and the treatments that are available is extremely helpful. It also makes us all appreciate the main focus and priority always has to be the diagnosis and treatment options for people diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma."

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