All Inclusive Holiday Disaster on Save My Holiday


The latest holiday disaster TV show, Save My Holiday, has got off to a good – if you can call it that! – start by flagging up the let downs of an all inclusive holiday in Turkey.

What’s worse, the poor couple featured were actually on honeymoon accompanied by their 2 year old son.

The show has a different format in that its presenters and camera crews are already ‘on the ground’ in popular holiday resorts and actively trying to find holidaymakers who are unhappy with how their holiday is going. Then, as the title of the show suggests, the BBC crew attempt to do what they can to save the holiday disaster.

Save my Holiday – Holiday Nightmare in Turkey – Holiday Claims Experts

In the first programme we met Phil and Natalya and their son Theo. Phil and Natalya had spent £1,700 for a 2 week all inclusive holiday in Turkey, booking into the 4 Star Litera Relax resort. It was meant to be their luxury honeymoon break – and it was anything but.

The BBC crew handing out leaflets to holidaymakers appealing for unhappy people to come forward found Phil and Natalya and provided them with a camera to record the state of their so called 4 star holiday resort.

The film showed that the entire resort was dirty, from bathrooms to the pool and bar area to the kitchens. In the family’s room they first had to fix a faulty shower themselves and found that the toilet also leaked, attracting cockroaches into the bathroom. In nearly two weeks of their stay their bedding was not changed and neither were their towels. The locks on the patio doors leading to a balcony did not work – clearly a hazard for a couple with a young child.

The swimming pools were poorly maintained with broken tiles, mould and algae clearly visible. In the bar area – where food is served – the bins were overflowing, the floors filthy and the tables left uncleared.

For a resort which claims to be perfect for families, it was actually a danger zone for small children with broken glass doors and many slip, trip and fall hazards. The couple had been led to believe the resort was just a stone’s throw from the beach – in fact it was at the top of a very steep hill a good 15 minutes’ walk from the beach and the only entrance and exit to the resort was via a very badly maintained, badly lit and equally steep staircase. Not the best with a 2 year old and a pushchair!

And despite the holiday being all inclusive, the couple felt that they simply could not eat or drink anything within the Litera, and so spent extra money by taking all their meals in local restaurants. They said they felt “conned” and that the holiday until that point had been a “traumatic experience”.

The BBC presenter offered the best advice possible – complain there and then. Do not wait to come home from your holiday – contact your holiday provider whilst you are still away and list your complaints. You need to be firm – Phil and Natalya demanded to be moved to another resort and had to wait most of a day before the holiday company responded. Yes, they were moved that night but to a hotel that had no provision for children. So, with just days of their holiday left, Phil booked his family into another hotel at an additional cost of nearly £500.

Needless to say their holiday was ruined and they simply wanted to come home. They are now claiming compensation for the all inclusive holiday that left them even more out of pocket and we hope that later in the series we will discover whether their holiday compensation claim was successful.

So if you have the misfortune of an all inclusive holiday from hell, remember:

  • Get as much photographic and video evidence as you can
  • Complain to hotel and resort management first
  • If you are still unhappy, contact your holiday company whilst you are still abroad and be firm about your complaints and what you want to happen Keep a list of additional expenditure and all receipts
  • Contact a holiday compensation claim solicitor as soon as you are home

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