Agricultural industry is most dangerous


A recent report by the Health and Safety Executive highlights the dangers of the agricultural industry.

It states that in 2007/08 39 workers died which has brought the 10 year death toll to 455. This figures are not showing signs of slowing either, it has remainder consistently high over the last few years.

The major causes of deaths from farm accidents in 2007/08 were:
  • 34% from overturning vehicles or being struck by vehicles
  • 21% from moving or falling objects
  • 14% from falls
  • 7% from injuries sustained by an animal

Judith Donovan, non-executive HSE Board member and agriculture champion said: "These accidents don't just destroy lives, they destroy whole families and often their farms too."

Cases this year include:
  • A 39 year old farm worker of a farm haulage business was crushed by his lorry while attaching a separate trailer unit
  • A 53 year old self-employer wife of a farmer was run over by a tractor, when she stepped into the path of the vehicle after being startled by one of the cattle
  • A 84 year old self-employed farmer was found in a barn crushed to death by cattle

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