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This year, Action Mesothelioma Day is on 7th July. The shattering effects of mesothelioma continue to devastate lives and predictions suggest the number of people suffering from asbestos-related diseases will continue to rise until 2020. But what can be done?

Our Helen Grady, Industrial Disease solicitor, looks at the ways in which research and raising awareness could change the path of the future.

What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a lethal cancer that is caused by breathing in asbestos dust. Currently there is no cure for mesothelioma. However, trials for treatments are happening all the time and by raising awareness, further developments can be made.

Even though more than 2,500 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma every year in the UK, research of the disease is incredibly underfunded compared with other diseases. Charities such as Mesothelioma UK, British Lung Cancer and many local hospices raise money on this day each year to increase the funds available to researchers of mesothelioma.

Who Is Affected By Mesothelioma?

Because asbestos has flame-retardant qualities, it was used as building material for schools, hospitals, homes, and even motorcycle protective clothing. In the UK, it is no longer legal to use asbestos to build/make anything. However, the aftermath of its mass use in the past has meant the effect of mesothelioma knows no bounds. It is commonly diagnosed in teachers and builders, but has also been known to affect pupils who attended schools that have asbestos present, as well as ex-military personnel who were exposed to asbestos while in-service. Sadly, it is becoming more and more common for younger people who have had low levels of exposure, to develop mesothelioma.

However, more and more old asbestos is being removed as old buildings are being demolished or renovated. A huge amount of old buildings in London have been refurbished for apartments and office space. The process of pulling down old schools and completely re-building them is increasing around the country as well.

How Can I Help?

This year, Mesothelioma awareness groups are calling for supporters to not only raise money for research, but also to raise awareness. Each year, across the UK, various remembrance events take place on Action Mesothelioma Day in order to raise money and pay tribute to all those people who are affected by mesothelioma.

Up and down the country, gatherings are held that give families affected by asbestos-related diseases a chance to publically remember those who have lost their lives to mesothelioma by releasing doves. There are also public meetings that follow these events where supporters can discuss what can be done in their local area to help stop asbestos-related diseases in the future.

How Can Simpson Millar Help?

Our team of specialist Industrial Disease lawyers, who have dealt with many cases of people who have been affected by asbestos-related diseases, can help with sufferers of mesothelioma.

Helen Grady comments:

"Sadly, we deal with asbestos-related disease cases quite often. We approach these cases with the understanding, compassion and urgency needed for those who have been diagnosed."

"We have low caseloads of only asbestos related disease work from areas and so often we find that many cases help others.  We often have pre-existing knowledge of a particular place of work where people were exposed."

"Our low caseloads mean that we can give the time and attention the case deserves and for people who really do want to have a civil claim investigated, we have the tenacity, passion and time to really thoroughly find the evidence of past negligent exposures and to help people in so many ways."

"Each member of the team commits whole-heatedly to cases such as these. Our cases are sensitively handled by senior and experienced specialist Solicitors/Barristers who have Asbestos/Occupational Disease Accreditation.  All of this helps so much as very poorly and vulnerable people know exactly where they stand and how the case will pan out following first interview." 

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