Acrimonious Divorce Should Be Avoided


Getting a divorce is rarely going to be plain sailing, but some divorces are more acrimonious than others. Often, people have hurt feelings that they find difficult to put aside, and they may try to hurt the other party financially because of this.

Divorce can sometimes be like a boxing match

For many, this leads to emotional court attendances. Emotions can then impact on the ability of the parties to focus on the main issues or to reach a fair settlement, which can then result in costs escalating out of control.

"Like a Boxing Match"

A high court judge has said in a recent high profile divorce battle that needing to give evidence against one another in an open court is a "painful, destructive experience" which couples should try hard to avoid.

Justice Holman is currently hearing evidence in the divorce of a former beauty queen, Ekaterina Parfenova, and her lawyer husband, Richard Fields. He has urged the couple to reach an out of court agreement over their finances as he states that divorce battles are "like a boxing match". He also expressed remorse that a couple who have been married for almost 10 years, and have two children together, were putting each other through such a process.

Costly Process

When couples fail to make an agreement over how their finances will be shared, they must go to court to fight over who should get what if they wish to resolve matters. This can lead to drawn out court proceedings that can see costs escalate. The case between Parfenova and Fields has seen legal costs reach £1 million, and they will continue to escalate until the financial settlement is granted.

Carol Chrisfield, our Associate specialising in Family Law, agrees with Justice Holman:

"I agree that where possible, court action should be avoided. At Simpson Millar LLP we will try to negotiate a settlement where possible as we recognise that court action will be stressful and costly to the client. There are, however, some cases where court proceedings cannot be avoided. Where this is the case, we will assist our client to help ensure a fair outcome."

Getting The Right Help

If you are thinking about getting a divorce it is important to get the right legal advice. Our family law team at Simpson Millar LLP specialise in giving you the best advice so that you can move forward.

We also make the process simpler for you by offering a range of fixed fee rates, so that you can take control of the costs.

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