Accidents at work are unacceptable


Accidents or even death can occur in the workplace if your employer is in breach of their duty of care to you, the employee.

In 2006/07 28,267 major injuries to employees were reported.

Recent examples include:

An energy company who are being investigated after the 4th death of an employee in a year! The company is working closely with the HSE and the police to investigate the latest fatality.

A machine operator at Welsh firm, secured £11,000 damages after the machine jammed and slashed through his glove severing the digital nerve in his right thumb.

A train driver secured approx £6,000 after he stepped onto discarded rubbish and seriously injured his back.

Three companies have been fined £200,000 after a worker was electrocuted resulting in his lower leg having to be amputated.

A building labourer has secured £5,000 in damages after falling 2.8m from a rafter onto a concrete floor.

In all of these cases the employer was found to be negligent and in breach of their duty of care to employees.

Your safety should be their number 1 priority.

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