Accident at work results in £2,250 compensation


Simpson Millar LLP we’re asked to assist our client in an accident in the workplace claim for compensation.

Our client was at work where he was employed by the ambulance service as a paramedic. At the time of the accident our client was attending to a patient in the back of the ambulance when the rear doors of the ambulance were blown shut by the wind, subsequently trapping our client’s right hand. Our client suffered soft tissue damage.

Ambulance doors usually have a safety mechanism to prevent such accidents from happening; however, this was recently taken off the vehicle and not replaced. Complaints had been made about this but no action had been taken.

A decision from the defendant on liability was delayed on several occasions. Progress could not be made due to this so there was no alternative than to initiate court action to secure the documents needed. The defendant then responded, admitting full breach of duty. £2,250 compensation was awarded to our client for the accident at work claim.

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