Accident at Boatyard - £7million compensation claim payout


We are delighted to see in the press that a young man who was injured in an accident at work has received over £7million in a personal injury compensation claim which will pay for the care he requires for the rest of his life.

Kevin Cleightonhills, now aged 26, was almost killed in an accident at work in 2006 when he was employed as a boatyard worker. He was standing on a gantry which gave way beneath him and as a result he was hit on the head by falling metal, causing serious brain damage. At first, Mr Cleightonhills was given only a 5% chance of survival. Thankfully, he has made a recovery that has surprised the most experienced medical professionals, yet he still requires 24 hour care in a bungalow not far from his parents’ home.

The company Bembridge Outboards expressed its 'sincere regret' about this 'awful accident' and its insurers were commended in approving interim payments for Mr Cleightonhills’ care, which included intensive rehabilitation. Now able to enjoy some quality of life including helping out in a charity shop, Mr Cleightonhills still suffers problems with memory, concentration and fatigue and will never be able to live independently. However, the settlement of his compensation claim for personal injury after an accident at work will provide the care he requires for the rest of his life, which gives him and his family solid reassurance that Mr Cleightonhills will continue to receive the highest standards of care.

The case above is an example of just one of the many different types of accidents that can happen whilst at work. Accidents at work are all too common, and if you are not to blame for the personal injury suffered, you may be able to claim compensation.

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