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Disabilities can happen at any age however, some people live with their disabilities from birth. This can cause complications on their way through life, especially when it comes to access to education and future needs.AAA - Simpson Millar LLP Support

Being Born with a Disability

Disabilities can be either congenital or may be acquired. Common and profound disabilities arise from cerebral pals and erbs palsy but there are many other types of disabilities that affect both the brain and the body and which may become apparent in infancy or early childhood.

Not only do disabilities at birth change the course of a person’s life, they can also affect the lives of those around them. The theme of this year’s International Day of Disabled People is to “Break Barriers”.

No disability should hold a child back from gaining the life they want to lead.

How Can a Disability Hinder a Child’s Learning?

Physically and emotionally a child with a disability will need extra support and guidance to progress in the world just like any other child. They may have problems with learning, keeping up with their classmates or even accessing the classroom in the first place.

These are all things that the International Day of Disabled People seeks to eliminate.

Every child has the right to an education, and children with disabilities are no different. Disabilities not only affect a child physically but can affect the way that they learn. Extra support is on hand for children that may struggle with their disabilities at school but accessing it can be difficult if you are not aware of your child’s rights under the law.

With the introduction of the Children and Families Bill, the government is looking at the current system of Special Educational Needs (SEN) statements and Learning Disability Assessments (LDA). Whilst the Bill has promised transformation of the system many support groups and interested parties remain concerned about different aspects of the proposals as they progress through Parliament.

How Can a Disability Affect Your Child’s Future?

Disabilities can range from the slight to the severe depending on the child and their condition. This is something that you as a parent must take into account when thinking of your child’s future. Some children may grow up physically but mentally they remain a child. This can be worrying for a parent, especially when they themselves start to enter into their later years. There are Legal protections available so that your child may be taken care of in a way that you think is best for them either alongside the care you provide or at a point when you are no longer able to care for your child. The Court of Protection which often includes the appointment of a deputy will help to ensure that your child’s future needs are met so that they can continue to progress as they get older.

As new generations of children grow up with disabilities it is important that they are made aware that their disability should not be a barrier to their progression. This can only be done if they and their parents are aware of their rights and how these rights can be implemented in their favour.

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