Abbey gets tough with bank charge victims


Reports have been made that Abbey is clamping down on many of its current account holders with backdated bank charges.

Many have been hit with fines in the region of £200 for bank charges that date back to last year. Abbey have said that they failed to collect fees over the last few months and are now catching up with account holders who have previously gone overdrawn.

Many account holders now face the prospect of being thrown into financial hardship as they have to find the money to cover the bank charges.

The advice to any Abbey account holders who have had backdated bank charges applied to their account is to contact Abbey immediately as there have also been reports that they have revoked some fees for certain account holders.

Abbey have said that anyone facing financial hardship as a result of these backdated charges should contact them as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

Unfortunately the Banking Code says that banks must give 14 days notice of any impending charges, but it does not clarify the position on the length of time that a charge can relate to.

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