A New Years Eve To Remember... Forever?


We know that sometimes health and safety advice can appear to be unnecessary and overly protective. Bizarre examples of 'elf and safety gone mad include reports of a charity shop refusing to sell knitting needles and a passenger on a plane being refused a boiled sweet on the flight.

A New Years Eve To Remember... Forever?

But, New Years Eve might be a night that you really need to listen up. If you're using fireworks and sparklers you are quite literally playing with fire – and burns will stay with you long after the bonfire night parties are over.

Some Facts

  • St John's Ambulance notes that each year around 1000 people visit A&E with firework-related injuries.
  • Sparklers aren't as harmless as you think - they reach a temperature of 2,000 degrees, 5 times hotter than cooking oil.
  • Most firework injuries happen at home; unlike at events there are no medics on hand to help.
  • Around half of injuries are to children according to the NHS website.

Basic Tips to Stay Safe This Year

It only takes a second to read up on a few tips on staying safe, and it can make all the difference as to whether your new year festivities are a nightmare or a success.

  • Use gloves when holding sparklers and don't allow young children to hold them.
  • Don't approach a lit firework that has failed to go off, it might decide to just as you get there.
  • If you're responsible for lighting the fireworks avoid alcohol so that you're fully in control.
  • Check that your fireworks comply with British Standard 7114.
  • Pets are important too - Cats and dogs can be frightened by the loud noises. Even if you're not doing fireworks, your neighbours might be, so always remember to bring your pets inside.

Remember that burns and scalds can be incredibly painful and can leave you with long lasting nerve damage and permanent scarring. If you do happen to get injured, running the burn under cold water for at least 10 minutes can help initially, but immediate medical attention is vital. Our Personal Injury Solicitor Carley-Anne Hurley volunteers with St John's Ambulance and adds that they recommend having a bucket of water nearby just in case an accident occurs.

Our personal injury team support individuals seeking redress and compensation from firework accidents occurring at parties, organised events or from manufacturing faults. We know all too well the impact these injuries have both physically and mentally on victims, and how easily they could have been avoided!

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