A Heart-Warming Compensation Claim Victory for Simpson Millar Client


We are delighted to have won £1,850 in a personal injury compensation claim for a client in her seventies.

Our client was returning from a holiday in France by ferry, accompanied by her son, in 2008. When the ferry reached British shores, our client made her way back to her car to disembark – but instead she fell through a gap in the decking which caused injuries to her left leg that lead to months of pain and disappointment: a gap in the deck that should never have been there.

The personal injuries she suffered of cuts and bruising to her leg and foot soon developed into more distressing conditions. Our client’s personal injury compensation claim included the fact that her leg became infected and then ulcerated. She had to endure 8 months of appointments with GPs, nurses, wound clinics and several courses of antibiotics before there was sign of improvement.

We took the ferry company to task about their failure to maintain the decking or indeed put up any signs to warn passengers about the dangerous gap in the flooring. They initially offered her £200.00 which was clearly inappropriate. Their lackadaisical attitude towards passengers’ health and safety was rightly challenged and we were proud and privileged to have won this case on behalf of a dignified and delightful client. Here is the charming letter she sent us after we settled her personal injury compensation claim for £1,850:

Dear Ms Emma Roberts,

Thank you very much for dealing with my claim for damages after my accident in 2008. Again, I cannot thank you enough. I did not think I would be awarded as much compensation being an old woman.

Yours sincerely,

(we will respect our client’s confidentiality)

Slips, trips and falls due to shoddy maintenance can happen anywhere and at any time. If you have suffered personal injury in a situation where your personal health and safety should have been but was not assured, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. As this story shows, there’s often a very happy ending!

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This claim was handled by Emma Roberts in our Personal Injury Team.

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