£9,000 awarded for Medical Negligence case


We were recently instructed by a client to assist in bringing a medical negligence claim against the NHS.

Medical Negligence

In November 2008 our client fell and injured her hip. She attended A&E where she had an x-ray and was told there was no fracture and she was sent home. Our client continued suffering pain and went back to the A&E department and another x-ray was taken. Our client was told that she had a hip fracture and she was also told that the earlier x-ray also showed a fracture that had not been spotted at the time.

As a consequence of the hip fracture being missed first time round our client suffered unnecessary pain and had to undergo a full hip replacement. Had the fracture been identified at the first visit to A & E, our client would have had pins put in place and avoided the hip replacement.

The NHS Trust admitted negligence early on and we proceeded to investigate the full consequence of the negligence.

Initially, the Trust did not agree that a full hip replacement would have been avoidable however we explained that our medical expert said that the initial x-ray showed a closed fracture which went on to become an open fracture due to the fact it had not been diagnosed and that this open fracture required a more serious operation.

The NHS Trust then agreed £9,000 compensation for our client and in addition agreed to pay legal costs and so there were no deductions from the compensation.

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