£8,500 awarded for Pedestrian Road Traffic Accident claim


Road Traffic Accident Claim Case StudyWe recently assisted a lady claim compensation following road traffic accident in a supermarket car park.

Our client, along with a number of other pedestrians, was on a walkway through ASDA car park when the defendant ploughed his vehicle through and knocked over her and several other pedestrians. Our client suffered an injury to her knee during the accident. The defendant said that the accident occurred because he had newly acquired the vehicle and was getting used to the automatic gearbox.

Our client was not pregnant at the time of the accident, she fell pregnant whilst the claim was on-going and could not therefore complete her treatment via the NHS and because of this we had to delay our medical legal examination until after she had undergone the surgery required to repair her knee. Once the pregnancy was over we were able to conclude the claim and recover her compensation.

Our client received £8,500 in personal injury compensation.

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