7 Ways to Avoid Winter Motoring Offences


When the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January, many of us make the resolution to ditch the car this year, and get moving more. With the festive fun well and truly over, many of us try to stick to our resolutions, but the sad fact is that less than 10% of us actually manage it. Before the end of January, with the dark days, and cold weather, most resolutions will be broken.

Winter is here

By mid-January, walking to work, taking public transport, or lacing up the trainers for a run becomes a chore; a large proportion continue to rely on our cars to get to wherever we may need to be on time, without facing the elements.

All of these things can add up to a motoring disaster; if you're not properly equipped, you could be putting yourself and others in danger on the roads.

Julie Robertson gives you her 7 Ways to Avoid getting a Winter Motoring Offence this year:

1. Take Your Time – It's really easy to say "10 more minutes in bed", but this could also mean taking chances on your drive to work; in winter it's important to give yourself time to clear the ice from the windows and wing mirrors, and check your wipers work. The morning commute is already stressful enough, and failing to take your time could mean a motoring offence.

2. Consider The Elements – Winter is a time when you must be even more aware of your surroundings; remember that snow, sleet, rain, and hail all compromise your vision when driving in winter. Remember that if your screen is not completely clear, you may be driving illegally.

3. No-Speed Zone – It goes without saying that speeding is never a good idea, but in winter when it's much more dangerous to speed due to the conditions (think black ice). Going over the speed limit is not only illegal; it puts you and others in danger.

4. Keep Your Distance – You must take extra care and leave a little extra space between yourself and the car in front during winter; you may need to leave as much as 10 times the normal recommended gap between you and the car in front to remain in control and safe.

5. Don’t Take Chances – If you happen to go for a drink in the evening, be mindful of what you're drinking, and when, before you put yourself behind the wheel of a car. Better to get a taxi than chance it on an icy motorway whilst intoxicated.

6. The Morning After The Night Before – A large glass of wine (250ml) takes 3 hours to leave your system. If you drink 3 glasses, a huge 9 hours is needed to clear the alcohol from your system. If you go for a drink in the pub on a weekday, keep it in mind before driving to work the next day!

7. Get The Help You Need – If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where a lapse in judgement has left you with a winter motoring conviction looming, know you are not alone. Simpson Millar's specialist motor offences solicitors are on hand to advise you of the best course of action.

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