66% of People Do Not Seek Legal Advice


A recent survey conducted for the Law Society has found that only 1 in 3 people who have been exposed to a legal issue seek legal advice. Associate solicitor, Carol Chrisfield, explains why more people should seek out legal advice when it comes to family issues.

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From a gathering of more than 8,000 people, and almost 17,000 legal issues, the Law Society managed to unearth some rather shocking statistics:

  • 2 in 3 people did not gain access to any legal advice
  • in 5% of cases, there was an attempt but subsequent failure to gain advice
  • More than half of the people assumed the person conducting their case was regulated, with 8% not knowing how to check this information
  • Almost 50% of people handled the case themselves, without any legal help at all.

This worrying set of results highlights the perceived difficulty to access legal advice, with many choosing to go it alone through the fear of rising costs and no guarantee of a positive outcome.

The Importance of Legal Guidance

In family law cases, where the people involved are often vulnerable – such as in divorce cases where there are children involved – getting access to the right legal advice is of paramount importance.

It was recognised in this survey that the areas of divorce and wills had particular necessity to get accredited legal advice.

Carol comments:

"It is truly shocking to hear that such a large proportion of people are not getting access to the legal advice – which might ultimately mean they do not get the outcome they deserve. What is even more concerning is that many are trying to navigate the system without the help of a legal professional that understands the legal minefield.

"Access to legal aid has been made almost non-existent in recent time, but Simpson Millar are proud to be one of the only firms in the UK that runs the Access To Justice programme, which means you can receive significantly reduced fees if you are financially eligible for legal aid but your case does not qualify.

"It's important to highlight that a lot more people could get legal help but just aren't sure how to do it – people are being left high and dry in court because they simply do not understand the complexities they are to face."

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