£6,250 compensation awarded to carpet fitter for accident at work


In February 2007 our client had to undergo surgery on his right knee due to his employer failing to provide the right equipment when fitting carpets. He was awarded £6,250 in compensation for his injuries.

Our client suffered injuries at work whilst fitting carpets as his employer had not supplied the correct tools to complete the task and as such minimising the risk of injury. Our client was required to use a manual knee-kicker to stretch and fit carpets into place. The knee-kicker, consisted of a length of metal, at one end with spikes to grip the carpet and at the other end a pad. With the grips engaged in the carpet, our client would need to use the top of his right knee to forcefully strike the pad in order to stretch the carpet. This caused or contributed to the development of pre-patellar tendonitis.

Carpet Fitter – Accident at Work Claim

We issued a personal injury claim on our client's behalf as his employer failed to comply with regulations set out in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and failed to consider the risk to which our client was exposed during the course of his work.

The injury has meant our client was unable to return to work as a carpet fitter, however, found full time employment elsewhere.

Emma Roberts, Personal Injury Lawyer in our Manchester Office of Simpson Millar LLP said: "Liability was denied throughout and the Medical evidence on this case was complicated and establishing causation was difficult, but we met with our client and the expert to address these issues and work out a way forward. We stayed strong even when his employer tried to diminish our client's credibility which was unfounded."

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