£5,344 compensation awarded for accident in the workplace


Fall down stairs hazardWe were recently instructed to assist a client in making a compensation claim for an accident that he suffered at his place of work.

Our client was walking down a staircase at work when he slipped on liquid which had been spilt on the stairs causing him to fall down the last 4 steps and causing personal injury. Our client sustained an injury to his back. This accident was caused due to the fact that the steps had recently been mopped by the cleaners who had failed to put up wet floor signs.

As our client was in his early 20s it ensured the recovery of the back injury would be a good one. The defendant offered compensation to the client as well as additional compensation to allow him to have x-rays and physiotherapy to assist in the recovery process should it be necessary in the future.

Our client received £5,344 in compensation for his personal injury claim.

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