£5,000 compensation awarded for holiday accident on-board a cruise ship


Our client was on a cruise of the Canary Islands when she fell and sustained an injury to her wrist on board the cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Accident

Our client was on her way to the restaurant when she slipped on the wet floor near the pool. The slip-resistant flooring that the passengers of the cruise ship would usually walk on to the restaurant was obstructed by sun loungers, therefore the client had to use the wet flooring near the pool. Our client suffered a fracture to her wrist.

The expert travel litigation lawyer working on this case, Paul Stevens, settled the case within a few weeks of it opening due to his vast knowledge of the Athens Convention. The Athens Convention states that the operators of cruise liners are liable for any injury to a passenger if it is down to neglect or fault of the carrier and/or its servants or agents.

An offer was made by the defendant of £5,000 compensation, which our client accepted.

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