£45,000 in compensation after a fall down a manhole


ankle injuryWe were contacted by a client after they fell down a manhole that had been left open by a building contractor and suffered substantial injuries.

The drains in our client's garden were leaking sewage; she then called her housing association to complain. They arranged for a sub-contractor to go to the property, who informed the client that it was a big job and would have to return at another time.

After contacting her housing association and requesting that the sewage gets cleaned up, the sub-contractor said that they would wait in their vehicle until another person with the correct equipment for cleaning arrived to assist.

The client went to make the two employees a cup of tea and on her return they had gone to sit in the vehicle. Unbeknown to our client, the manhole cover had not been put back in place and due to the amount of sewage our client was unable to see this. She fell down the manhole and suffered injury to her ankle. Our client sustained a fracture on her left ankle and then developed chronic regional pain syndrome.

The defendant admitted liability and £45,000 was awarded in compensation for the injuries suffered.

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