£3,250 Compensation Claim Victory for Dog Attack Victim


Simpson Millar has won £3,250 compensation for a postal worker who suffered personal injury in a dog attack.

The client was delivering post when he was set upon by the homeowner’s dog and suffered an injury to his elbow which continues to cause pain and discomfort.

We were able to launch a successful dog attack compensation claim after our meticulous background research, including a compelling witness statement, meant that we had a solid case and high hopes of winning the compensation the client rightly deserved.

Dog attacks are sometimes random, but in many cases the dog has been known to pose a danger in earlier incidents and it is the dog owner’s duty to ensure that the animal is prevented from harming members of the public.

In this case we had an excellent testimonial from a witness, who covered the client’s postal round when he was on holiday leave from work. This witness clearly stated that the dog in question was allowed to roam free around the property and that he himself had been 'run at' and on one occasion chased off the property by the dog. He was left very wary when delivering post to this address as he could not tell if the dog was inside or outside the property. Naturally, this witness statement was incredibly helpful in settling the dog attack compensation claim.

If the owner is aware that their dog poses a threat and does nothing to restrain the animal at crucial times such as the postal delivery, then the owner is deemed to be responsible for any dog attack that occurs and liable to pay compensation.

On the client’s behalf we obtained an independent report from medical experts including a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Our report showed that our client required rehabilitative care following the dog attack, adding yet more strength to his compensation claim.

We also carried out a comprehensive risk assessment to establish the actions that could have been taken to prevent this dog attack on a postal worker both from his employer’s and the dog owner’s point of view.

Whilst we are delighted to have won the compensation claim sum of £3,250 for the client, it remains a real area of concern that postal workers are still left open to dog attacks as they go about their work.

We wish our client a speedy recovery from his injuries and will continue to bring our expertise in background research and courtroom finesse to the forefront as we continue to successfully win personal injury compensation claims.

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