29 Year Old Struck Down by Car Receives £57,500 in Compensation


Our client, 29 year old Mrs Millie Lawrence, was struck down by a car whilst using a zebra crossing. Gary Tierney, our Partner specialising in Personal Injury, worked on her case and managed to secure a hefty compensation settlement of £57,500.

Road Traffic Accidents

Millie's Injuries

At the time of the accident, Millie was crossing a road using a zebra crossing when the car failed to stop to allow her to cross, and struck her on her left side.

Millie lost consciousnesses and was immediately taken to A&E to have her injuries treated. She needed treatment for a fractured patella (knee cap), a fracture to her ankle, and for damage to her shoulder. Not only did Millie need a cast to mend the bones, she also had to undergo surgery which involved putting metal screws into her ankle.

Millie experienced severe aggravation and pain. Her mother and sister stepped in to care for her, as she was housebound for around 10 weeks.

Lifelong Symptoms

Personal injuries, especially those caused by accidents involving cars, can often be severe. Being hit by a car can have deadly consequence, and people that are able to have their injuries treated may often be left with lifelong symptoms.

The after effects of Millie's injuries are likely to stay with her forever. Millie still experiences pain and weakness on her left side. She feels pain when doing simple things like walking up stairs and can only stand for around 15 minutes at a time.

Millie's work has also been affected. Millie works at a desk and after sitting for a long time she can feel discomfort in the area that her knee was injured, and suffers from stiffness and aching when trying to move.

It is also likely that Millie will need to undergo further medical treatment in the future. Millie's doctor noted that her ability to use her knee may deteriorate in future, and she could need more treatment to manage this.

Pleased with the Outcome

Millie is pleased that she got the right advice, and recommends that others do the same;

"I am very pleased with the outcome of my case with Simpson Millar. The service I received from Gary was exceptional. He managed my case and kept me informed every step of the way, making it easy and efficient to communicate. I am very happy with the final result."

"I think it can reassure people that there is help out there if they are a victim of an accident like mine."

Gary, who is based in our Wimbledon office, comments; "Millie's case just shows how important it is to get advice should you suffer an injury that is someone else's fault. Individuals who suffer injuries in road traffic accidents often don't realise the help and support that is available to victims, or that they could even be entitled to compensation."

Getting Legal Advice

Individuals who suffer personal injuries in road traffic accidents all too often experience lifelong symptoms. You may no longer be able to work in the future if your symptoms worsen, and your favourite hobbies and plans for the future could be brought to a halt.

Securing compensation may help with any adjustments that need to be made, or for any financial hardship. Our specialist personal injury solicitors will be able to help you find out if you could be entitled to compensation.

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