£25,000 compensation for postal worker injured at work


We have successfully settled a compensation claim for a postal worker whose injury in the workplace effectively ended his career and any prospects of finding further work.

Our client suffered severe shoulder, neck and back injuries when he lifted an overweight mail bag from a conveyor belt. Although a worker with many years’ experience, our client did not expect the bag to be so heavy and immediately felt acute pain. He had to return home and saw his GP the same day, who advised a month off work and prescribed painkillers.

Injury At Work ClaimsAfter his month off, our client did return to work for several weeks but his back, neck and shoulder pain made it clear that he was unfit for his previous duties. Once again, he was signed off work by his GP and remained off work for the following six months, despite having started physiotherapy and keeping regular GP appointments.

At the end of this period our client was made redundant from his job as a postal worker.

Also during his time off he developed a frozen shoulder and his neck pain left him with limited head movement. He was unable to enjoy his hobby of gardening and withdrew from his active social life. A thorough medical examination just over a year after the workplace injury found that our client had developed rounded shoulders, was in constant pain and was at greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. It was the doctor’s opinion that even with intensive physiotherapy our client would not be able to return to work, even on light duties – by this point he found even lifting shopping bags to be painful.

The doctor concluded that our client’s injuries were ‘wholly attributable to the incident.’

It was our case that Royal Mail had failed to provide a suitable and safe system of work and had ignored the foreseeable risks. Also, the mail bag carried no ‘overweight’ warning – after the incident it was found to be double the acceptable weight.

The employers at first rejected the case, but when presented with the evidence that our client had suffered permanent soft tissue injury in the workplace and was very unlikely to work again, the case was settled for £25,000.

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