£2,500 compensation awarded for trip on high street


Trip Fall over cobblestoneOur client was walking along her local high street when she tripped over a cobblestone and fell. She landed heavily on her side sustaining a laceration as well as soft tissue injuries to her left knee.

The area was not owned by the local authority. Investigations revealed the land was privately owned and the company who was responsible for the upkeep of the street denied liability saying they had no knowledge of the accident and that they could not locate the defect in question and their system of inspection had not located a problem.

After reviewing the defendant’s records we concluded that they were either not inspecting the area as part of their regime or that they were inspecting the area but failed to notice the defective cobblestone. When this was put forward with photographic evidence of the defect, the defendant admitted primary liability.

We gathered medical evidence and sent this to the defendant. The defendant responded with an offer of £2,000 which we considered too low. A counter offer was then made by us and accepted by the defendant of £2,500 in personal injury compensation.

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