£250 fine for dog owner after toddler is left needing 30 stitches after dog attack


The owner of a dog which attacked a child and left her with a hole in her cheek after a vicious dog bite has been given a £250 fine.

Dog Bite Attack Personal Injury

The two-year-old child was helping her mother clean a car when the Labrador collie attacked the little girl.

The child needed 30 stitches to repair a gaping wound in her face after the dog bite attack.

The toddler’s mother managed to rescue her daughter from the jaws of the dog, but her daughter has been left traumatised by the attack and is now lacking in confidence and is terrified of strangers and animals.

It is also possible she will be permanently scarred – her father rushed her to hospital after he found her tongue sticking through a hole in her cheek after the dog’s jaws had been removed from her face.

The dog was later destroyed and its owner said the animal was suffering from a sore ear at the time of the attack.

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