£2,375 compensation awarded for tripping accident


Tripping HazardWe recently assisted a lady with making a claim for personal injury compensation following a tripping accident that took place on a public highway.

Our client was walking to her sister’s house with her sister, when she tripped and fell over a raised flagstone whilst walking down some steps. She suffered soft tissue injury to her side and hip, resulting in bruising and a sprained ankle. She was pregnant at the time of the fall and had to be checked over by a midwife.

We helped our client bring a claim against the defendant on the basis that they failed to maintain the highway at a reasonable level and failed to take any adequate measures, to inspect, or repair the highway. Also, the defendant failed to warn our client of the defective highway with the use of signs, notices or barriers.

The defendant, at first, delayed in confirming their decision on liability. The defendant became more engaged in the process after the matter was dealt with by a consent order. Once the medical evidence was received the matter was quickly settled after a good first offer made by the defendant. Our client received a personal injury compensation award in the sum of £2,375 for her injuries.

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