£2,350 awarded for tripping accident at work


We were contacted by our client after he tripped and injured himself in an accident whilst at work.

Our client was employed by Royal Mail and worked as a postman. On the day of his accident he was loading bags into the back of his Royal Mail van. As he turned to put a bag in the van, after speaking to a colleague, he tripped over a rubber bumper on the floor, which is used to prevent wagons rolling back.

As he fell our client injured his arm.

The defendant, Royal Mail, failed to make our client aware of the bumpers with use of signage and reflective tape was not in place where it should have been.

The defendants argued contributory negligence of 25%#37;, however with further negotiations this was lowered to 10%. After medical evidence was obtained and submitted, offers were made by the defendant which were rejected. After further negotiations, £2,350 compensation was offered and accepted by the client for the accident at work personal injury.

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