2015 - The Year of The Facebook Divorce?


How many social media platforms can you name? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, they all sound familiar. This doesn't even include dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder or any other app related to a dating website.

Social Media is changing the way we do everything
Social media is playing a big part in divorce and Facebook seems to be at the helm.

Link between Social Media and Divorce

Boston University found a link between the use of social media, marriage issues, and divorce - with Facebook being the main culprit. This study also examined data from an earlier source, which suggested that non-social media users were happier in their marriage than those that made heavy use of social media in their lives.

With the rise of other social media platforms and the continued use of Facebook, it's not a surprise that these are the results. We've already seen judges in 2014 granting lawyers the permission to scroll down people's timelines on Facebook and Twitter to find evidence that they may be hiding wealth in divorce proceedings.

Social media has already been used to catch benefit cheats and personal injury fraudsters, why couldn't it be used to catch adultery?

From all the tell tales signs and behaviour that have been written about which might suggest your partner has been cheating, you can now add excessive social media, and in particular, Facebook use to the list. The addictive quality of social media can lead to marital arguments which create an environment fertile for infidelity. Although this research was conducted in the States, it is something we see often in our family law departments in the UK.

Track & Trace for Your Partner?

Clients coming into our office often say they have found incriminating Facebook messages, texts or pictures on their partners phones making this a common ground for people taking the next step and initiating a divorce.

Whether it's connecting with an old flame or igniting new ones, social media has become a breeding ground for illicit behaviours leading to the rise in apps such as mCouple. The mCouple app allows a couple to share all types of information such as call history, location services, SMS, Skype etc. Apps like this may seem innocent, but in some relationships they can quickly turn it sour, leading to coercion and physical abuse.

More apps like this may crop up in the future and undoubtedly more social media apps will only continue to flourish. As the digital boom continues and people stay glued to their smartphones and tablets, social media related divorces will increase.

It's no fun finding your partner between the sheets with someone else, but the likelihood of finding them flirting online has become the next big thing.

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