19% of British holidaymakers ignore travel protection, says insurer


According to a survey by the insurance firm Hiscox, some 19% of respondents conceded they holidayed without taking out travel protection.

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The survey results are of particular concern given the coming holiday season, as thousands of Britons fly abroad for their annual vacation.

While many wrongly believe their health card already provides sufficient travel protection, a proportion of respondents admitted that travel cover had simply not been factored in to their travel plans.

Of those who had arranged travel protection, 10% did not know or did not check what was covered, or whether their valuables were included.

18% of respondents said they thought their travel agent or airline would compensate them in case of a flight cancellation, while 21% believed that in such an instance a travel industry body would provide cover.

A more serious finding of the survey was that 10% of study subjects did not know if their policy would cover them in case of medical emergencies overseas.

With uninsured foreign hospital attendance potentially highly stressful and expensive, insurance insiders say the complacency revealed by the Hiscox survey is worrying.

To avoid any confusion should a claim need to be made, experts are advising that anyone who is planning a trip outside the UK over the coming months should double-check what is covered by their policy.

Holidaymakers should note that if they book a package holiday they are automatically covered by the Package Travel Regulations (PTR). However, this would not provide adequate cover for accident or illness. While travel insurance deals with medical costs, the PTR covers later compensation in cases of non-fault accidents or illness.

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