18-year-old breaks hip after accident at work with heavy pallet


Air ambulance paramedics attended a factory at near Huddersfield, when a teenager suffered a severe accident at work.

His hip was believed broken after he was crushed by a pallet weighing nearly 1 ton. The pallet, which carried a heavy fibreglass roll, was being unloaded when the accident occurred.

The 18-year-old was taken from his workplace to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, where his hip was pinned.

Police said they were called at 9.45am by air ambulance paramedics. However, the teenager was taken to the hospital by road in a conventional ambulance.

The MD of the company, said the company's concern as the teenager's employer was for his wellbeing. "He’s a very good worker and a good time keeper."

The teenager had started at the factory as part of a 12-month training scheme, he was formally employed in January after 9 months because of his impressive performance.

The Health and Safety Executive is aware of the accident.

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