£15,200 compensation awarded to supermarket slip victim


We recently acted for an elderly lady who slipped in a supermarket and suffered a knee injury. She received £15,200 in compensation for her personal injury claim.

Our client was shopping in the supermarket and was near the checkout area when the accident happened. She slipped on a vegetable leaf which was on the floor and jarred her knee.

Supermarket Slip Accident – Personal Injury Claim

An accident report was made in the store at the time of the injury and the area was cleaned straight away to avoid any further accidents. However, the next morning our client woke in agony and had to visit her local hospital. It was later deemed that a surgical intervention would be required to fix the damage to her knee following the accident.

We brought a claim on our client's behalf against the supermarket, taking account of the fact that our client had a previous medical history.

The supermarket obtained medical evidence to try and dispute our client's injuries and in the end it was a felt that a compromise was needed on all sides of medical evidence. The supermarket admitted liability for the accident and we managed to obtain an early interim payment for our client so that she could have surgery privately rather than wait on the NHS.

Emma Roberts, Personal Injury Lawyer at Simpson Millar LLP said: "Early interim payments can be vital to some accident victims as it gives them the financial means to pursue treatment options that they would not normally be able to afford."

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