£13,250 compensation for fall injury on a bus


We recently helped a lady obtain compensation for a knee injury she sustained during an accident on a bus. Our client received £13,250 personal injury compensation.

Our client was boarding a bus and attempting to take a seat when the bus driver took off at speed driving erratically. At this point our client lost her balance and twisted her knee. It was only when she got off the bus that she realised the extent of her injury. She later reported the incident to the bus company.

Bus Accident – Personal Injury Claim

It was our client's belief that the driver of the bus had acted recklessly and caused her to be severely twisted round and as a result sustain injury to her knee. However this case was complicated due to the fact that our client's insurers who she originally contacted about her claim turned it down and would not recommend proceeding.

Emma Roberts, Personal Injury Lawyer at Simpson Millar LLP said: "When this lady contacted us she felt like everyone had given up on her. I advised it could be a difficult case so she was clear on this point but I felt that there was scope for an admission which we obtained."

"It is quite apparent that legal expenses insurers will only take on the most straightforward of matters and had the facility of 'no win no fee' not been available to her she would not have received the compensation she deserved."

"Although our client had an underlying degenerative condition which had to be considered the accident had accelerated the onset of her condition and brought forward the need for surgical investigations."

"We were forced to issue proceedings because the insurers failed to respond to medical evidence. After we issued proceedings we received an initial offer of £11,000 but we finally managed to reach a more satisfactory figure of £13,250 for our client."

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