£100K damages for Sheffield car crash victim


Simpson Millar has secured compensation of £100,000 for a Client whose serious injuries from a car accident forced her to stop work.

Car Crash

In August 2010 our client was a front-seat passenger in a car driven by her partner along the A61 towards Grenoside, South Yorkshire.

Without warning, another vehicle emerged from a left-hand junction at high speed, forcing our client's partner to brake very hard. The sudden braking caused his car to swivel in the road and collide with an oncoming vehicle.

Our client, who had been wearing her seat-belt, suffered serious multiple injuries. These included a laceration to each side of her head which required a total of 19 stitches; a partially-collapsed lung; 2 fractured ribs; a fractured and dislocated pelvis; 3 fractured vertebrae in her spine; and internal bleeding.

Spending some 18 days in hospital, our client underwent surgery to her pelvis area, which required insertion of a plate and screws. She was also given a course of physiotherapy.

Following our instructions we contacted the 3rd-party driver alleging failure to keep a proper lookout, emerging from a junction when it was clearly unsafe to do so and driving without due care and attention.

At the time of the accident, our client had been employed as a part-time care worker. With 3 young children to support, in November 2010 she tried to return to work. But unable to do so, she consequently lost this job.

Following negotiation that saw a successful uplift to our client's compensation by £25,000, the claim was settled early and damages were agreed at £100,000. After the accident our client found herself in severe financial difficulty, we pushed for interim payments to be offset against overall damages, to which the defendant agreed.

As well as her insurers facing the large compensation payout, the defendant was prosecuted for careless driving, for failing to stop after an accident and other offences.

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