£1,000 compensation for tripping accident at work


We were approached by our client to assist in an accident at work claim. He was employed as a process worker that puts adhesive onto sticky tape. Whilst at work he tripped over and injured himself.

Our client had been talking to colleagues and as he turned back towards the machine he was working on, he tripped over a T bar shaped piece of metal which was sticking out of the machine. As he fell, he suffered a sprain of the lateral ligament, the symptoms of which settled after 3 months.

The defendant denied liability, on that grounds that as our client was a long standing member of staff, he was well aware of the T bar and didn’t follow a good standard of working practice at the time of the accident.

After liability arguments, the case was settled after 8 months and £1,000 compensation was awarded to our client for his personal injury.

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