(Brain Injury Charity) Headway Bridgend Meeting 1 May 2008


Headway Bridgend meets on the 1st Thursday of every month at the Evergreen Hall, Angel Street, Bridgend at 7.00 pm. The meeting is open house for brain injury suffers and carers and family and professionals to attend.

Professor Rodger Wood, Consultant Neuropsychologist gave a talk to the group on the 1 May. He is currently a Professor in Neuropsychology, University of Wales Hospital, Swansea and a Consultant at the Department of Neurology in Morriston Hospital. He acts as a Consultant in Brain Injury rehabilitation and has published over 50 articles, clinical case studies and research papers relating to acquired brain injury and rehabilitation.

Professor Rodger Wood gave an informed and interesting talk on damage to the frontal lobes of the brain. He highlighted that the frontal lobe of the brain was where all our high thinking level goes on, allowing us to reason, make decisions, plan, organise and problem solve.

The talk highlighted that the frontal lobes are extremely vulnerable due to their position at the front of the skull and was one of the most common areas of injury. Damage to this area could cause a whole range of problems to include cognitive, a change in social behaviour and personality. In addition, problems can include a loss of fine movement, strength of arms, hands and fingers and facial expression.

For further information on brain injury please see the attached section from the brain injury handbook by Rehab UK along with a copy of Professor Rodger Wood’s CV. Professor Rodger Wood is a very informed medical expert and the meeting provided a real insight into brain injuries.

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