Why a DIY Divorce can be a False Economy


So-called DIY divorces are often seen as a low-cost and convenient way of ending a marriage. But if you don’t get legal advice from a specialist Divorce Solicitor, you could be creating a whole host of problems, both for you and your ex-partner.

That’s because an experienced, highly qualified Divorce Solicitor will be familiar with the more technical aspects of getting a divorce, so can advise you on crucial matters such as applying for a Financial Order.

Without this kind of advice, a person who goes on to remarry could find themselves vulnerable to financial claims from their ex-spouse, even after their divorce has been finalised. A DIY divorce also provides greater opportunity for a person to be less than honest when it comes to financial disclosure of assets and investments. As a result, the other person might receive a divorce settlement that’s not entirely fair.

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Divorce without a Solicitor

Similarly, getting divorced without a Divorce Solicitor could mean child support isn’t correctly calculated and that a parent caring for a child doesn’t get the level of support they need.

As Divorce Solicitors, we’re firmly of the view that fuelling conflict and acrimony during divorce isn’t helpful, especially when children are involved. So we’re keen to ensure these matters are resolved properly straight away, and don’t come back to bite years down the line.

Many people are put off going to a Divorce Solicitor as they believe we want to encourage confrontation and make the process more complicated than it needs to be. But at Simpson Millar nothing could be further from the truth.

A DIY divorce may, on the surface, appear quick, cheap and stress-free. So if you’ve both mutually agreed to end your marriage amicably, it might seem an appealing alternative to getting a Solicitor. But a DIY divorce doesn’t really reflect the reality of the process, as you may not be familiar with all the legal technicalities that exist and ways to ensure a clean break from your partner in the future.

By getting the right legal advice at this critical time, you can get the assurance that your assets can’t be claimed by your ex in the future and know your child will get the support they’re entitled to receive. The peace of mind you can get as a result is beyond value, and allows you both to move on in a positive way.

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