What Can I Claim for After a Motorcycle Accident?

Hazel Madden
Hazel Madden
Senior Litigation Executive

Our expert Motorcycle Accident Solicitors will take a detailed look at the financial impact of your accident when working out how much compensation you should claim.

This can be a considerable amount, particularly if your bike and motorcycle clothing has been written off or badly damaged, and you’ve been unable to bring in an income for some time.

Examples of Financial Losses

Damage to Your Motorcycle

If your motorcycle has been damaged in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can claim for the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Hiring a Motorcycle

If your bike is being either replaced or repaired, you can claim to hire an alternative motorcycle, so you can stay on the road.

Replacing Damaged Clothing

You can claim back the cost of buying a new motorcycle helmet, clothing, bikes and gloves if they have been damaged in your accident.

The Cost of Travel

If your main mode of transport is out of action, you may have to rely on other ways to get around, such as public transport and taxis, and make trips you otherwise wouldn’t have made, such as journeys to and from the hospital. We can help you claim back any additional travel costs you’ve racked up as a result of your accident.

Care, Support and Rehabilitation

Any injuries you sustained in the accident need to be properly treated, so if you need any specialist care, support and rehab, both now and in the future, we’ll work with independent medical experts to identify what’s needed and include the cost of this as part of your claim. This could include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counselling. 

Also, you can claim for time spent by friends and family caring for you. If a person looks after an injured partner, relative or friend, and provides care above and beyond what they would usually provide for that person, then they may be entitled to claim damages for that additional care.

For example, if someone is severely injured and cannot care for themselves (i.e. they need help with basic aspects of personal care such as washing and dressing), then the time that their family/friend spends providing this care can be added to the claim. Similarly, if a married couple or any family members routinely share their domestic tasks, but then due to an accident, other family members have to carry out all of these tasks while the injured person recovers, then the additional time they spend can be claimed.

Loss of Income

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have to take a long time off work. That means you’ll miss out on your basic salary, and possibly company bonuses, overtime, promotion opportunities. Your employer may also stop making pension contributions if you’re unable to work for an extended period, so it’s only right that you can recoup these losses.

Damage to Your Career

A serious injury sustained in a motorcycle accident could mean that you can’t stay in your current line of work and have missed out on chances to progress and increase your earnings. If your motorcycle accident has seriously knocked your career off course, this can be reflected in your final settlement.

How Simpson Millar Can Help You

Our Motorcycle Accident Solicitors have lots of experience of helping bikers like you claim the compensation they deserve after an accident.

If you have any questions about making a claim, get in touch with us for a free claims assessment, so you can speak to us with no obligation.

We can let you know straight away how we can help you and if you have a good chance of making a successful claim.

Our team includes several passionate bikers, so you can rest assured that we understand what makes you tick and the challenges you face on the road.

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