Professional Negligence Claim against a Personal Injury Lawyer

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After suffering a serious personal injury, you may instruct a Personal Injury Solicitor to obtain compensation. But what if you’re not happy with the amount of compensation you received? It may be the case that your Personal Injury Solicitor/Lawyer made mistakes throughout the claims process, in which case our Professional Negligence Solicitors may be able to help you.

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Common Mistakes by Personal Injury Lawyers

Missed Limitation Date

A personal injury claim must be brought within three years of you sustaining your injury. Your Personal Injury Solicitor/Lawyer should, therefore, make sure you know there’s a time limit on making a claim and file all the necessary documents with the Court within the allotted time. If they don’t, they could be deemed to have been negligent.

Consulting the Wrong Experts

In most cases, a personal injury claim involves consulting a medical expert, so they can assess and report on a client’s injuries and what long-term impact it will have on their life.

So if the right medical professional wasn’t consulted to advise on the impact of your injuries, the compensation settlement your Solicitor/Lawyer pushes for may be wrong, and you end up receiving less compensation than you’re actually entitled to.

For instance, while you may be compensated for the actual injuries you’ve sustained, expenses such as the cost of your future care and support needs may have been overlooked.

In this instance, you may be able to argue that your Personal Injury Solicitor/Lawyer was negligent.

Inadequate Representation at Court

Another grievance that sometimes arises from people claiming for professional negligence is that the person appointed to represent them in Court didn’t understand the specifics of their case well enough.

Some may also feel that their case was hampered by their Solicitor/Lawyer not preparing the right papers for the Court session.

Not being Told How Much a Claim will Cost

Personal Injury Solicitors and Lawyers must let their clients know how much they can expect to pay to take legal action and point them towards a variety of funding options.

So if, for instance, you were told that your case would be handled on a No Win, No Fee basis, and you find yourself with a sizable legal bill, it may be that your Solicitor or Injury Lawyer failed to be open and transparent with you about the costs involved in claiming.

If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your Personal Injury Solicitor’s handling of your case, get in touch with our Professional Negligence Solicitors. We can advise you on whether or not you may have a claim.

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