HSE To Conduct Extra Checks on Fairground Rides After Increase In Accidents

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have announced that they are conducting extra inspections on fairground and theme park rides throughout this summer. This follows an increase in the amount of serious injuries resulting from faulty and dangerous rides across the UK. If you were seriously injured at a fairground or theme park, our Personal Injury lawyers could help you make a claim for compensation.

We welcome the announcement from the HSE, who, starting on 24 April, have begun to carry out 100 targeted inspections of specific fairground rides, with the programme set to finish by September 2023.

The adrenaline junkies among us love the excitement of a fairground ride or visiting a theme park, but you should do so in the knowledge that the businesses who run these sites have a duty of care to keep you safe throughout your visit.

They must take reasonable care to ensure that people attending fairgrounds and theme park are not at any risk of injury or hazards that could be brought about by operation rides and attractions.

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Accidents can occur on these rides because of factors such as:

  • Defects or failures on the fairground rides;
  • Failures by the staff operating the ride to take the necessary measures to ensure that people who are on the rides are taking precautions, such as using seatbelts/safety barriers provided;
  • Failures by theme park owners to adequately train ride operators on safety measures to keep the public safe on rides;
  • Fires;
  • Trips and slips due to electrical cabling at a fairground.

The businesses who own fairgrounds and rides can be held legally responsible if you suffer a serious injury under their care. This means that you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries, which can help you gain the sense of justice you might be looking for, and can help you access the care and support you need. To see whether you could make a claim, get in touch with our expert team today.

Health and Safety Executives’ Extra Inspections

As part of the HSE’s rollout of extra checks on rides this summer, they will target rides such as Round Ups, Crazy Frogs, Twists, high-speed rides and Star Flyers.

The checks will take place at both travelling fairgrounds and theme park sites. Each of the rides will be inspected to ensure that they are safe for workers and passengers to use, and are being correctly maintained and operated. There is a reason why these have been targeted and it is simply that there is a higher proportion of these which are resulting in injury and sometimes death.

HSE inspector David Kivlin said: “When there is a failure or incorrect operation of a ride it can result in catastrophic consequences. HSE recognises that recent incidents, including the prosecution of operators following a fatal incident in March 2016 involving inflatable devices, have raised public awareness of the potential for injury and harm to users of such devices when they are not set up, maintained and operated in-line with manufacturer guidance or good practice standards.

We hope that this announcement and introduction of new measures reduces the risk of any further incidents.

Major Incidents of Fair and Theme Park Accidents

Unfortunately, despite the duty of care fairgrounds and theme parks have, the sad reality is that there has been an increase in the number of incidents where people have been seriously injured. Whilst some incidents are minor, some accidents can result in life-changing injuries for people. For example, they can result in head and brain injuries, amputations and multiple fractures.

Some more high-profile, major incidents of theme park accidents include:

  • Dino Roller - Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire 2020
  • The Smiler - Alton Towers in June 2015
  • The Ferris Wheel - Gulliver's World, Warrington 2002
  • The Gauntlet - Camelot Theme Park - October 2001
  • Water Chute - Coney Beach Pleasure Park, Porthcawl, Wales 1994

Our Personal Injury lawyers see the huge impact that these incidents can have on people’s lives and have expertise in what needs to be done to support people after an accident. We know that theme park and fairground accidents can also be extremely psychologically traumatising, and we’re here to support you with not only any physical injuries, but also your mental health too.

Our team’s job is to get the best outcome for you with your exact needs in mind. Compensation can help with any rehabilitation you might need, any adaptations to your home and other types of care and support. Get in touch with us today or request a callback, and we can tell you about what you could be entitled to.

Could I Make a Claim for Compensation if I Was Injured at a Fairground or Theme Park?

If you were injured at a fairground or theme park and you think something could have been done to prevent your accident, it’s important you get the help of our specialist Personal Injury solicitors who have years of experience in these types of cases.

We could help you make a legal claim against the company responsible for your injury, meaning you could secure thousands of pounds in compensation. For many people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own, compensation gives them a sense of justice for the pain and suffering they have experienced. Compensation can also help you access care and support for your injuries, both now and in the future.

Simply get in touch today for a Free Case Assessment, where our friendly team will find out about your accident and how you are coping with your injuries now. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details about your accident and injury to hand - we can help find eyewitnesses, CCTV and other types of evidence as part of your claim, so we can achieve the best compensation possible for you.

We deal with many of these claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, which means you won’t pay a penny upfront, which can take the financial risk away for you.

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