£3,000 Compensation for Swab Left in Patient during Childbirth

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A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Our client was having her baby delivered at Whittington Hospital in London when she suffered a birth injury. A Consultant Obstetrician carried out a forceps delivery due to foetal distress, but our client suffered two vaginal tears. These were repaired, although hospital staff had to insert a vaginal pack to help stop the bleeding.

According to hospital notes, a swab and needle check was made, and the following day, the vaginal pack was removed. Our client was then discharged and allowed to go home with her baby two days later. But on returning home, our client found it difficult to sit and noticed an offensive smell. As a result, she got in touch with her GP, who believed she had an infection and therefore prescribed antibiotics.

She continued to experience pain and decided to contact her GP again. She told the doctor that while her swelling had now reduced, she was still in significant discomfort and was suffering some faecal incontinence. A review appointment was made, and the review noted that while the offensive discharge she had previously experienced had improved after a course of antibiotics, the pain was still ongoing.

An examination was carried out, and it was found that a gauze swab had been left inside her vagina after giving birth. This was removed, and our client was prescribed a further round of antibiotics. This subsequently led to her developing vaginal thrush, which is a known side-effect of this type of treatment. Since our client was breastfeeding her new baby, the thrush was passed on to the infant in oral form.

Our client’s faith means that she cannot have alcohol, and her faith was compromised by the fact that she had to give her baby alcohol-based medication as a result of this negligence to treat her baby.

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How We Helped

The client contacted our team of Medical Negligence Solicitors to help claim compensation from Whittington Health NHS Trust. Our client felt that the care she received following the delivery of her baby was substandard, as the Whittington Hospital staff had not carried out a proper swab count when removing the vaginal pack.

As a result, a swab was left inside her body, when a competent midwife or obstetrician would have removed it before sending her home.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors agreed to take on the case and work to get compensation for the negligence. Acting on behalf our of client we then approached Whittington Health NHS Trust in order to claim compensation for our client’s birth injury and the distress that has caused.

The Outcome

After lengthy negotiations, Whittington Health NHS Trust offered to pay a total of £3,000 in compensation, which was accepted by our client.

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