Industrial Disease Cases Gone Wrong

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Robert Godfrey
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If you or a member of your family has suffered from a work-related disease or health condition, a compensation claim can be made against those responsible.

Sadly, not all Solicitors or claims management companies who represent victims and hold themselves as experts actually are. This can lead to many issues, such as clients settling for less compensation than they could have received.

At Simpson Millar, our Professional Negligence Solicitors specialise in rectifying mistakes made by Solicitors/Lawyers who said they were experts but turned out not to be.

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What Can You Do?

Discovering you or your loved one has a work-related disease or health problem can be devastating - and in some cases, it may prove fatal. Unlike a physical injury that you may recover from, invariably a disease such as a work-related cancer or hearing loss will leave you with a residual disability for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, this may only be an inconvenience that you can work around, but in some cases, it may mean you can never work again or your life expectancy has been reduced. And importantly, some work-related diseases such as asbestosis are life-threatening and can take hold before the claim is finished.

So given all this, what can be worse than realising your Solicitor mishandled your claim?

Our Professional Negligence Solicitors have successfully handled claims where:

      • The wrong companies who allegedly exposed the individual to the harmful practices have been sued
      • The health condition has been misunderstood because the Lawyer didn’t know enough to raise the necessary questions with the medical expert. As a result, they settled the claim for a much lower amount of compensation
      • Following the death of a claimant, the Lawyer failed to ensure evidence such as tissue samples was preserved, resulting in the claim failing
      • Provision should have been made for a future development but the lawyer settled in full without the claimant having a true understanding of what the future may hold if the worst case scenario arose.

Unfortunately, a lot of firms have moved into the Industrial Disease claims arena believing they are high fee rewarding cases, rather than the straightforward accident claims which may be subject to fixed costs. They either don’t have the skill set required or simply take on too many cases, stacking them high and settling them at the first opportunity, or in some cases, making such a mess that the claimant is left out of pocket.

At Simpson Millar, our Professional Negligence Solicitors can help try to put things right by pursuing your Solicitors for professional negligence. If you feel you’ve suffered because you received poor legal representation, get in touch with us for free, no obligation advice on what to do next.

We may be able to deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis - ask us for details.

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