Former Carluccio’s Employees Could Claim up to £4304 Compensation

David Jones, Solicitor
David Jones
Employment Law Associate Solicitor

If you have been affected by the redundancies at Carluccio’s and find yourself without a job, you could make a Protective Award Claim and receive up to 90 days’ pay.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to have worked for Carluccio’s for a minimum length of time to make a Protective Award Claim.

You do have to meet certain criteria though. These are:

  • That 20 or more people were made redundant in one location and
  • That your former employer did not property consult with you before they made you redundant.

To find out if you can claim use our online eligibility checker or call our Employment Law Solicitors for an initial consultation.

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Redundancy Rules

There are rules attached to making people redundant and employers in England and Wales have to consult with their employees over a specific time period.

The Administrators for Carluccio’s have announced the closure of 40 restaurants, with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

If you’ve been affected by this announcement and there were at least 20 people employed at the restaurant you worked at, you could make a Protective Award Claim.

For free initial legal advice and help to make a Protective Award Claim, contact our Employment Law Solicitors. We deal with these claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Process to Make a Protective Award Claim

You can either make a claim as an individual or as a group of former Carluccio employees.

To make a Protective Award Claim, you’ll need to get a Judgment from an Employment Tribunal with either your name on it or your job title. This is to show that your former employer did breach the consultation rules for redundancies.

Before you can make a claim to the Employment Tribunal, you will need to complete the ACAS Early Conciliation process. This process is designed to try to settle Employment Law Claims before they go to Court. But because this cannot be resolved, the form to proceed to Employment Tribunal should be signed off quickly.

Once that’s been done, your claim can move to the Employment Tribunal. Once the Judge has reviewed the papers, you should have a Judgment, hopefully in your favour.

Then you can make a Protective Award Claim.

Time Limit to Make a Claim

You only have three months less one day to make a Protective Award claim, so it’s really important that you speak to an Employment Law Solicitor as soon as possible.

If you’ve been affected by the closure of Carluccio’s restaurants, find out how you can make a Protective Award Claim now.

How Much Will You Get?

If your claim is successful the maximum entitlement is 90 days’ pay, with a guaranteed payment of 8 weeks’ pay from the HM Government Insolvency Service. They have capped the weekly payment amounts to £538 per week. Your award will be based on your weekly salary, but the maximum award will be £4,304.

Because the payments come from the Insolvency Service, you don’t need to be concerned about taking any money from the business itself.

How Much Will it Cost to Make a Claim?

We offer everyone making a Protective Award Claim a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means you won’t need to find any money to pay us upfront to bring your claim and we only get paid if your claim is successful.

Do I Need a Solicitor?

You can make a Protective Award Claim yourself, without using a Solicitor but there are benefits to using Employment Solicitors who have a lot previous experience in securing Protective Awards.

At Simpson Millar, our Employment Solicitors helped to secure more that £300,000 for ex-staff of Multiyork and we’re currently pursuing Protective Awards Claims for staff made redundant at Mothercare, Thomas Cook and Flybe staff amongst others. We can help you too.

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