Do I Need a Solicitor to Make a Will?

Katherine Green
Private Client Solicitor

You don’t need a Solicitor to make a Will, for example when you make an Online Will. However, there are benefits in getting a Solicitor to help you with your Will to ensure that your requests are followed and your Estate is divided as you wish.

There are many cheap online Will writing services available but these are not regulated, which can result in a Will being invalid, or easily contested. Our Wills and Trusts Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your Will is legally valid.

There are a lot of things you need to include in your Will which can make writing it quite complicated. Our specialist Solicitors can help break down the Will writing process into plain English for you, to make writing your Will as simple as it needs to be.

We can draft a Will for you over the phone, through Skype on Facetime or face to face. This means that you can get professional help from the comfort of your own home to make a Will that meets your needs.

Our Wills and Trusts Solicitors have expert knowledge and years of experience with writing both simple and complex Wills. We offer free initial legal advice about making a Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney or setting up a Trust. Ask about our fixed fee Wills.

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Make a Will with a Solicitor

If your affairs are quite complex then a Wills and Trusts Solicitor can use their expertise to make sure no questions are left unanswered in your Will. This will ensure that no mistakes are made and there is no uncertainty about who your Estate is going to go to.

Your Will might become more complex if you:

  • Run your own business
  • Have substantial assets or property overseas
  • Have children with a former partner
  • Want to protect someone’s interests after you have passed (e.g. a disabled family member)
  • Are eligible to pay Inheritance Tax (if your Estate is valued over £325,000)
  • Want to set up a Trust

There are many more reasons why your Will might be more or less complex. Our Solicitors can tailor your Will so that it best suits your needs, based on your individual circumstances.

Benefits of Using a Wills and Trusts Solicitor

Our team are experts in their field so can promise you that your Will is completed with the best service to the highest quality. We aim to make the process as easy for you as possible and can turn your Will around quickly if you need us to.

We can also advise you on complicated aspects of your Will, such as choosing Executors, Beneficiaries and Witnesses, as well as setting up a Trust and reducing Inheritance Tax liability.

If you want to set up a Trust, it is recommended that you get legal advice to help you with this as Trusts can be quite legally technical. Our team of Will writing Solicitors can ensure that your assets are safeguarded for your family by using years of experience to set up the right Trust for you.

You can reduce Inheritance Tax with careful tax planning, which could make a big difference to how much of your Estate will go to your loved ones. Our Solicitors can help you find the most tax-efficient way of planning how you deal with your assets.

How Much does it Cost?

We offer a range of fixed fee Will writing options to cover the different kinds of Wills that might be right for you. We will talk to you about what you want from your Will and let you know how much it will cost from the start, or as soon as we know.

We will never provide an extra service at an extra fee without asking you first. Any extra work will be agreed with you beforehand, so you know exactly how much it will cost to make a Will.

We offer free Wills storage to make sure it is easy for your Will to be found and is properly protected for you. We will keep your original Will safe and send you a copy.

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