Has your Data Been Breached by Guntrader.uk?

Police and the National Crime Agency are investigating Gundtrader.uk after thousands of customer’s names and addresses were published to the dark web in a serious security breach.

Guntrader.uk is one of the leading websites for buying and selling shotguns and rifles in the UK and has revealed that hundreds of thousands of personal data has been exposed.

As the UK have strict laws around gun ownership, guns aren’t easy to buy and so can be very valuable, especially on the dark web. This is why it’s really important that companies like Guntrader.uk have strong cybersecurity in place so data breaches like this don’t happen.

Gun ownership can be a divisive subject and some people may not want this information within the public domain.

If your personal data was exposed by Guntrader.uk, you could claim for compensation.

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The firearms dealer has said that around 100,000 customer records were stolen, including names and addresses.

Other information that may have been exposed could include:

      • First names and surnames
      • Postal addresses
      • Email addresses
      • Phone numbers
      • Payment information, such as bank account details

Guntrader.uk reassured customers that “no information relating to gun ownership or the location of firearms was taken.”

And Guntrader’s Simon Baseley told the BBC:

“All the indications currently are that the breach was neither political nor commercial as there has been no attempt to extort money from either Guntrader.uk or its users, or make other capital from the theft.”

Simon Baseley

Even so, it’s reported that stolen data was listed “on a hacker’s website”, so customers should be extra careful until more can be revealed by the police. 

What You Should Do Next

Following the data breach, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is urging its members "to be vigilant around home security.”

It’s encouraging all Guntrader.uk customers to be extra vigilant and make sure all firearms are properly stored and locked away, with the police reiterating the same security advice.

The police also urge anyone who may have been affected by this data breach to report any suspicious activity. This could be on your emails or possibly even at the location where you store your firearms.

And while there’s no evidence that bank accounts have been accessed, we also recommend that you keep a keen eye on your bank statements for suspicious activity.

You may be understandably worried about your personal data. Organisations like Guntrader.uk are responsible for keeping your information safe online, so it’s important that you’re compensated if your personal data has been exposed without your consent.

How We Can Help You Make a Compensation Claim

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