Has your Data been Breached by Egg Free Cake Box?

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Customers of cake maker and retailer, Cake Box, could be at risk of financial fraud after online customer debit and credit card details were exposed in a data breach last year.

The data breach happened on 27th April 2020, after an unauthorised third party gained access to Global Payments, a payment processing provider used by Cake Box. The cyber-criminals managed to place malware onto the website which allowed them to copy payment information from purchases made online.

It’s not yet known how many Cake Box customers have been affected by the data breach, but some customers have already reported fraudulent purchases made using their card details.

If your data’s been breached by Cake Box, you could make a claim for compensation. Get in touch with our Data Breach Solicitors for a free case assessment and ask us if we can handle your case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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What Customer Data Was Breached?

Both personal and financial customer data was exposed, including:

  • First names and surnames
  • Email addresses
  • Postal addresses
  • Payment card information, including the 3 digit CVV code on customers’ debit or credit card

Cake Box have since removed the malicious malware and have ‘taken appropriate steps to stop the breach and ensure the Cake Box website is fully secure and safe to use.’

The company have also reassured customers that they’ve strengthened the security of their systems to prevent similar attacks happening in the future.

What Should Affected Customers Do?

If you’re a Cake Box customer, you should take steps to protect your personal data as soon as possible.

This includes:

  • Getting in touch with your bank provider to tell them that your financial information may have been exposed, and request a replacement debit or credit card
  • Look back over your bank statements for any suspicious activity – because this data breach took place over a year ago, you should check your statements dating back to the beginning of March 2020 for any transactions you don’t recognise
  • Check your credit file to see if any new accounts have been created in your name
  • Be wary of any emails or phone calls that seem like phishing attempts e.g. asking you for login credentials or financial or personal information

Sometimes customers won’t feel the impact of a data breach straight away so it’s good practice to regularly keep an eye on your bank accounts and immediately report anything suspicious.

Cake Box Data Breach Compensation

If you’ve been contacted by Cake Box to say your personal data is at risk, you could make a claim for compensation. Organisations like Cake Box are responsible for keeping your data safe, and you could be at serious risk of fraud if your financial information was exposed.

If you’ve already been a victim of fraudulent activity because of this data breach, it’s important that you’re compensated for your loss.

Our Data Breach Solicitors can look at your case for free to see if you’ve got grounds to make a claim. We’ve helped many customers recover their losses after their data was exposed through no fault of their own.

We handle most data breach claims on a No Win No Fee Basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying any legal fees unless your claim is successful. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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