The Benefits of More People Making a Will due to Covid-19


Did you know that before Covid-19, only 40% of UK adults had made a Will?

We’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people making a Will over the last 6 months, and according to financial organisation, DeVere Group, enquiries about Wills have gone up by 75% since the start of the pandemic.

This probably comes as no surprise after many people have sadly lost loved ones this year and have started thinking about their own and their family’s future.

It’s so important to have a valid Will in place before you die so you know your wishes will be fulfilled and your family taken of. And with the flexibility of doing all this online, making a Will is now easier than ever.

But we know that when many people are ready to make a Will, they want to speak to a professional Will writer or to a Solicitor. So we offer a complete range of Will writing services and costs to suit your needs and your budget.

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There’s no doubt this year has been tough, but the increased interest in Wills does have some benefits:

Surge in Donations Left to Charities

Like many industries, charities have been affected by Coronavirus as they’ve had to cancel their usual fundraisers and events. But alongside this, the pandemic has led to some positive effects for charities.

Statistics show that over £35 million of donations were left to charities in people’s Wills in April. Before Covid-19, charities usually received around £4 million from charitable legacies. So this has of course come as welcome news to charities across the UK.

It’s thought that this increase is down to people feeling touched by the incredible job NHS workers have done during Coronavirus and inspired by the fundraising efforts of people like Captain Sir Tom Moore, who raised over £33 million for the NHS.

More Flexibility with Online Will Signing

While it’s easy to make your Will online, current Coronavirus restrictions have made it challenging for people to get signatures from their witnesses. And without signing a Will in the presence of two witnesses who meet the requirements, the Will won’t be legally valid in England or Wales.

Thankfully, this demand has led HM Government to introduce new legislation that gives people the flexibility to witness Wills remotely using video conferencing technology. The legislation is expected to stay in place until 31st January 2022, and also applies to any Wills that were made from January 31st 2020.

Although the Government say witnessing Wills in this way should still be a last resort, the decision has been greatly welcomed by those who are self-isolating or shielding because of Covid-19.

If you’d like advice about making or witnessing a Will online, one of our Will Writing Solicitors will be happy to talk through your options with you.

Love Ones are Looked After

And it probably goes without saying that a great benefit of people focusing on making their Will this year is that they can be sure their loved ones will be looked after when they die.

Many people in the UK have either not made their Will or don’t realise that it’s not legally valid, meaning their wishes might not actually get carried out. You also might not know that you’re supposed to regularly update your Will, especially after big life events such as a marriage, buying a house or birth of a child.

Hopefully this surge in Will writing during Coronavirus will encourage more people to think about their Will and who they want to leave their Estate to.

Will Coronavirus Delay the Process?

While you can write your Will anytime and from the comfort of your own home, other parts of the process may get delayed because of current Covid-19 restrictions.

For example, if your two witnesses live separately and the Will has to travel to different places to be witnessed and signed, then this may delay part of the process.

But you shouldn’t experience any delays at our end. Our Wills and Trusts Solicitors are still on hand to help you with any part or all of the Will writing process. This can all be done remotely without the need to come into our offices.

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