JTF Mega Discount Warehouse - Can I Make A Protective Award Claim?

If you worked for JTF Mega Discount Warehouse you may be able to claim up to 90 days’ pay by making a Protective Award claim.

As of Friday 24th of September at 5pm, we cannot take on any more ex JTF Warehouse employees to help with their protective award claims.

This is because of the strict time limits in place for Protective Award claims.

You may want to pursue this without our legal assistance. If so, please contact ACAS on 0300 123 1100 or visit www.acas.org.uk for advice.

Please kindly note that Simpson Millar LLP cannot be held responsible in the event that you seek to bring a claim after the limitation period has expired and you should seek independent legal advice if in doubt about when your limitation period is.

Call us on 08002605010 or request a callback and we will help you.

How much is a Protective Award Claim?

You could claim up to 90 days’ pay through a Protective Award Claim, with the maximum amount you being capped at £4,352.

The exact amount you’ll get will be based on your gross weekly pay but you’re guaranteed to get at least 8 weeks’ pay by HM Government Insolvency Service.

Whether you’re a full time or part time employee, you’re still eligible to make a claim as long as you meet the criteria. And if you’re expecting any outstanding wages, redundancy pay or holiday pay, you’ll still get these even if you choose to make a Protective Award Claim.

What is the Process?

There are a number of steps you need to go through when making a Protective Award Claim.

They are:

    1. Check that you’re eligible to make a claim 
    2. Get permission from the Administrators, Grant Thornton.
    3. Complete an ACAS Early Conciliation – this aims to settle your claim before it goes to the Employment Tribunal
    4. Judgment from Employment Tribunal – the Tribunal will make a judgment about whether or not you were properly consulted about your redundancy
    5. Get your Protective Award Claim - if your claim is successful, you’ll be paid by JTF or the Insolvency Service if your company can’t pay


Time Limit for a Protective Award Claim

You only have 3 months, less one day, from the date you were made redundant to make a Protective Award Claim. This is a strict time limit so we recommend getting in touch with an Employment Solicitor for expert legal advice as soon as possible.

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