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All prices are exclusive of VAT as immigration clients often do not pay VAT

We don't hide our prices

Whereas, on most of our pricing options we include VAT within the price we do not in the case of immigration work as often the client is exempt from paying VAT.

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Specialist advice on all areas of immigration law

Immigration Telephone Advice Service

Price: £49

If you simply need advice about your options, this is the right service for you

Simpson Millar’s £49 Telephone Advice Service has been designed to give you access to a specialist immigration solicitor by telephone or email. Not only will you receive spoken advice, you'll receive our advice and details of your options in writing. You can opt to use our own language service if available.

What's included?

  • A consultation with a solicitor, to include taking instructions and providing tailored advice in response to your instructions and setting out your options
  • Written advice confirming your instructions, advice and options
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Assistance with applications to work in the UK, study, stay as an EEA national or to stay with family members

Type of Service Price

Application Checking Service

If you know what you need but just need reassurance.

Application Management Service

Application assistance for leave to remain, indefinite leave to remain, EEA applications and naturalisation.
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Application Checking Service

Price: £99

What's included?

Simpson Millar’s £99 Application Checking Service is for those of you who know what type of application you need to submit, but would like reassurance that the application and documents are correct before you submit them to the Home Office.

  • We provide a link to the application and document checklist
  • You scan the completed application and documents to us
  • We check the application and documents, and
  • Provide you with confirmation that the application is complete and ready to be submitted, or a note to explain the further requirements
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Application Management Service

Price: £400-£1800

Our Application Management Service caters to those of you who would like us to complete your immigration application process for you. It includes preparing the application, advising on documents, preparing legal representations in support and submitting the application to the Home Office or Embassy for you.

We can complete any immigration application for you or your family members, including visit visas, applications to join or stay with family members in the UK, applications under Tier 1 for investment, Tier 2 and 5 for employment and Tier 4 for studies.

Applications can be made for indefinite leave to remain, naturalisation and for a British passport. We can complete applications for European nationals and their family members and can deal with applications which are not covered by the Immigration Rules.

Stage Price
Entry clearance and in-country applications £900-£1800
Naturalisation applications £900
European applications:
  • EEA residence card application
  • EEA permanant residence card application
  • Special Offer: Combined EEA permanant residence card and naturalisation
Travel documents and passport applications £400

What's included?

  • An appointment with a caseworker to take instructions and complete the application
  • Advice on documents needed in support
  • Checking of documents
  • Drafting representations in support of the application (plus a sponsorship letter for entry clearance applications)
  • Submitting the application to the Home Office, British Embassy or Passport Office by recorded delivery or using the online service as appropriate
  • Going on the record as acting
  • Receipt of and response to further correspondence from the Home Office or British Embassy
  • Liaising with third parties, including the Home Office, Embassy or Passport Office, as necessary
  • Receipt of the final decision and documents for you, and
  • Advice on your rights and conditions following a grant of entry clearance or leave to remain
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Legal assistance with immigration appeals, administrative review and judicial review

Type of Service Price

Immigration Appeals

Legal assistance for when you have received an immigration decision which you would like to challenge

Unbundled Appeal Service

If you don't need a full appeal service but just want to use elements of it, we can provide you with the parts you need
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Immigration Appeals

Price: £400 - £2500

We offer a full appeal service; your solicitor will deal with all aspects of your appeal from start to finish. We charge £400 to draft your appeal notice, and £1,800 - £2,500 to prepare your case and represent you in front of the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

Our solicitors have extensive experience at representing people at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal. Our fees are fixed so that you know exactly how much you will pay for your appeal.

We can also challenge decisions of the First Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal and can bring Administrative Review and Judicial Review claims. Please ask us for a quote.

What's included?

  • A consultation with a solicitor, to take instructions and provide advice on the merits of an appeal
  • Going on the record as acting
  • Drafting and submitting your notice of appeal to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal
  • Advising on documentary evidence
  • Attendance to take instructions to prepare your statements, review evidence and advise on appeal procedure
  • Preparation of statements
  • Preparation of skeleton argument
  • Preparation and submission of bundle of evidence to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal
  • Liaising with third parties, including the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal and Home Office Presenting Officer’s Unit and British Embassy as necessary
  • Travelling to and attending the hearing to provide representation for you before the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal, and
  • Reviewing the appeal decision and advising you on the same
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Read the full terms here.

Unbundled Appeal Service

Price: £300 - £950

We offer a full appeal service, where your solicitor will deal with all aspects of your appeal from start to finish. If you don't need a full appeal service but just want to use elements of it, we can provide you with the parts you need.

Type of Service Price
Advice on merits and strategy £300
Preparation of grounds of appeal £400
Preparation of up to 2 Witness Statements £400
Advice on documentary evidence £300
Preparation of court bundles £300
Representation on appeal £950

You can decide how much or how little help you need with your appeal and pay for each element as you go. The prices quoted above are fixed fees and exclusive of VAT (where applicable).

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Client Reviews

At Simpson Millar I found the department very friendly and caring. I always knew what to expect when I went to see Sumita. My outcome was successful and I am now a proud British citizen.

Emma represented me to successfully obtain both my limited leave and Indefinite leave to remain. The first stage was a very long drawn out case which Emma helped me to fight. She went out of her way to ensure that I was alway kept up to date on any changes to case and chased up the Home Office on many occasions.

Given the complexity of the case, Emma always provided me with helpful advice that was easy to understand and she assisted me in choosing the best avenue to take.

Emma was always very empathetic and approachable. When she first took on my case I was still based in Leeds but I later moved to Manchester and continued to use her services. Her expertise and understanding of immigration law gave me confidence for a positive outcome. I was happy to travel between the 2 cities for follow-up appointments etc because I knew that my case was in very capable hands.

I would highly recommend Emma to anyone that requires representation including my friends and family.

Thank you Emma for all your hard work, without you I wouldn't be in the better position that I find myself in.

Your help has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

I was very satisfied with the service that provided by Emma Brooksbank. We had a very good communication about my case that was what I expected. It had achieved the outcome that I was hoping as well. Emma had told me very clearly what I needed to consider and know at different stages. It made me understand what was going on, what I needed to do and how long about I needed to wait.

I very appreciated the professionalism of Emma. She was very patient, considerate and supportive to deal with my questions and worries during the time of handling my case. As a client who didn't have any knowledge about immigration law and procedures, it was very important as it's like a leading stick to show me the direction. On the other hand, her sense of responsibility was impressed me a lot. I could even get her reply by email out of office hour.

Bespoke Service & Hourly Rates

Some of the services above may not fit your needs and in those circumstances we can offer a bespoke service. We cover every aspect of immigration work. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Please note: At this stage, we do not expect to do any work outside the terms of any fixed price quoted. We will notify you if the position changes; if it does, we will agree with you how the additional work will be charged.

They combine great humanity and great application. They're a delight to work with, because they put the quality of their own internal education and the quality of their product first, before they start counting the pennies.

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