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Our Employment Solicitors specialise in unfair dismissal cases and can advise you if you believe you’ve been unfairly dismissed by your employer. We can also help if you believe you’re at risk of being unfairly dismissed.

An Employment Solicitor can review your case initially to determine whether you’ve suffered unfair dismissal. If this is the case, then we can engage with your employer to secure compensation or reinstatement.

In many unfair dismissal cases, clients don’t have to go through the lengthy process of bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim.

We can advise you on a Settlement Agreement if you’ve agreed a termination package with your employer.

We offer a reliable and prompt service, ensuring we’re available when you want to speak to us, even outside normal office hours.

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Disciplinary Action

If you’re subject to disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal, we can guide you through the process, offering you advice early on, to put yourself in the best position, whatever the outcome.  

Our Employment Solicitors are very experienced in dealing with unfair dismissal compensation claims, having specialised in this area for many years.

We offer technically astute and practical legal advice without legal jargon, and we’ll tailor our advice to your specific situation.

We also operate fairly on pricing and will discuss our Solicitor fees with you in advance of carrying out any work.

More Information on Unfair Dismissal

In most unfair dismissal cases, you’ll need to have two years of continuous employment, although there are some limited exceptions to this general rule.  

An employer should provide a potentially fair reason for dismissal, which could include misconduct, capability (i.e. performance or ill-health), redundancy, a statutory restriction preventing the employment from continuing or some other substantive reason.            

In terms of any procedure, your employer is obliged to comply with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure. A failure to do so could mean that your dismissal is unfair.

An Employment Tribunal is also likely to take into account your employer’s own internal policies and procedures when deciding on whether a fair procedure has been followed.

Your employer should carry out a reasonable investigation in the circumstances before taking any decision to dismiss.

The decision to dismiss you should also fall within the “band of reasonable responses” test. This means that the decision should be reasonable and take into account all the circumstances.

You may feel that your employer could have issued a lesser sanction such as a final written warning.

If so, then an Employment Tribunal may find that the dismissal wasn’t within the band of reasonable response and therefore unfair.

If you’re unfairly dismissed, you can seek a number of remedies through the Employment Tribunal, such as compensation for loss of earnings, or reinstatement to your previous role.

Our Employment Solicitors have considerable technical expertise in unfair dismissal cases, and combine it with a down-to-earth, friendly and pragmatic approach.

And we’ll give advice in line with the approach you want to take, as in many cases, clients want and need tough action, while others may prefer a more conciliatory approach.

Funding Your Case

We have different hourly rates, according to each Solicitor’s level of experience - and a discount may be offered for the first hour.

Any additional charges will be discussed with you in advance.

Subject to gaining an agreement with your insurer, we may be able to act for you under the terms of your Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

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