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There are different ways to pay your legal fees and we will always have an open and transparent discussion about how you will fund the advice you need at the very beginning.

How can I pay for the advice I need?

  1. Hourly rate

    Our solicitors all have different hourly rates depending on experience. With this method of funding, you pay for the time spent at the relevant hourly rate for the solicitor you picked to help you.

  2. Fixed fees

    Sometimes you may only need help with a specific stage of your case or advice on a specific document and it is better value for money for us to agree a fixed fee with you at the beginning of your case.

  3. Trade union membership

    Your trade union membership could include payment of legal fees if you need help from a solicitor.

  4. Employer funded

    Sometimes your employer agrees to pay some or all of your legal fees. This usually happens when your employer has asked you to sign a settlement agreement.

  5. Legal expenses insurance

    This kind of policy covers your legal fees and can often be an addition to a policy you already have in place and is easy to forget about. We always recommend checking things like home insurance, credit cards or car insurance policies for this cover.

If you think you have a membership or insurance policy which could help pay your legal fees, dig out the policy or membership documents and we can help you understand them and see if they could help you pay our fees.
We’ll work with you to find a funding option that works best for you.

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